Hello World!
Introductions are in order.

print "Hello world!"

Two words every self-respecting software developer is obligated to begin new projects with. With that out of the way, an introduction of sorts is in order.

As you’ve probably guessed, my name is Liam, and I like to build software. As of writing, I’m a student at the University of Iowa, pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy, and a minor in theatre arts. As much as I love staring at a screen all day, I also enjoy spending time in the real world. I try to fill that time with travel (quite a bit of it), but when I’m stuck in one place I enjoy running, pick-up games of soccer, and reading a good book or two. More about me on the about page.

My hopes for this website:

We’ll see how this little experiment goes. After all, I’ve bought the domain for a year; might as well use it.

– LC

Written by Liam Crawford on 19 July 2017